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Introducing the Sakura Bunny Network version 2.0!
Hello everyone! I’m Hime, the new admin of the Sakura Bunny Network! Unfortunately, the previous admins have left this network, so I’m taking over and trying to revamp this network. This net was pretty inactive in the past so I’m looking for about 12 ACTIVE members to start with.(Note: if you were in this network before, please read the note at the end)
Mbf me (himetokieu)
Reblog this post (likes don’t count)
Have the badge linked to the network page on your blog (I will check!). You can use this code.
Submit an application here
MOST IMPORTANT RULE: Must be ACTIVE. (be able to post/participate at least once a week)
p.s. I’m also looking for a co-admin, whom I’ll probably choose once the members are chosen and everything is settled c:
Blog types that can join: kfashion, colour blogs (i.e. blue, pink, colour-code), kawaii, kpop, asian photography
There is no set deadline as of right now! Members will be chosen when this gets enough notes (and probably before school starts for me). Happy reblogging~♥
The best of friends!
New followers/ amazing blogs to follow
Help with polls, html, anything & everything
Group chats
A LOT OF FUN activities/games! Because I’m really trying to make this an active network.
I hope everyone applies! 
Previous members please read more.
If you are a previous member, please resubmit an application and reblog this post as if you were applying for the first time. I’m sorry to make you do this, but a lot of people were inactive in the network, and I don’t want to kick specific people out, so please only rejoin if you are going to be reallyreally active this time (like I said above, active = participating at least once a week). Honestly, if you reapply you have a v high chance of getting in because I really do want to take you all back :3.
(p.c: fumib)

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